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Some MTB tours in Perugia

All the following itineraries are just an idea of the tours you can do by mountain bike in the surroundings of Perugia. Each trail can be changed in regards to length and gradient in order to adapt to the biker’s capabilites, there are no limits. You just need to list the features of the trip you would like to do by mountain bike and we will tailor the most suitable tour for you and your taste. We organise cycling excursions, trail ridings, all mountain, cross country up to the enduro descent.

Romitorio e anello Monte Tezio guida MTB escursioni Perugia Umbria

Romitorio and Monte Tezio Tour

The bike itinerary that takes us to the slope of Mount Tezio is very similar to the one that allows you to reach the peak, but it is a less demanding route but [...]

Tomba del faggeto guida MTB escursioni Perugia Umbria

Etruscan grave in beech forest

The mountain bike itinerary begins from the southern side of the Monte Tezio at the level of the Tiber river with two possibilities: either ride around the mountain along the ring or towards the [...]

Eremo Montecorona e mattonata guida MTB escursioni Perugia Umbria

The Hermitage of Montecorona and Mattonata

The itinerary will take us to the Hermitage of Montecorona situated on the mountain top at 700 m, it is one of the most evocative places in the northern area of Perugia. The [...]

Camperi Civitella Benazzone guida MTB escursioni Perugia Umbria

Montelabate Trail Area

For this itinerary the starting point is in the area around Montelabate, an Umbrian touristic destination famous for the ancient Benedictine Abbey that looks out on the hills of the Tiber Valley. We start [...]

Cima Monte Tezio guida MTB escursioni Perugia Umbria

Monte Tezio Peak and Romitorio

One of the most popular destination of the bikers from the area of Perugia is the top of Monte Tezio, which with its 960 m height rises between the Umbrian hills nearby representing the [...]

Perugia Vecchia Enduro Mountain Bike

Perugia Vecchia Enduro Mountain Bike

From now on we also have the chance to guide you along Enduro Mountain Bike trails in the province of Perugia! Perugia Vecchia is a mecca for the enduro bikers of Perugia and Umbria, [...]

Valsorda Gualdo Tadino Enduro MTB Umbria

Enduro Mountain Bike Gualdo Tadino Valsorda

For those following the world of competition, the area of Valsorda in Gualdo Tadino needs no introduction: first stage of the 2017 Italian Superenduro Championship, it is one of the favourite places of the [...]

Passignano sul Trasimeno Enduro Mountain Bike Umbria

Passignano sul Trasimeno Enduro MTB

The Trasimeno Lake offers one of the most striking Umbrian panoramas, with its famous characteristic sunsets on its waters and the breath taking sights from the surrounding hills. The best way to enjoy this [...]

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Umbria offers an endless variety and choice of trails, the excursions by mountain bike can be tailored and changed as you wish. Book now and together we will design the mountain bike tour.